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Classic. Wild. Fun

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ABOUt Playx 

PLAYX Yankton is the premier destination for family fun and entertainment in Yankton. Big fun with small town charm, care and hospitality. We offer the most attractions under one roof for 100 miles. Our indoor facility offers a variety of activities for kids, teens and adults our attractions include Glow Mini Golf, Nerf Wars, Splatterball. Escape Rooms, Battleball, table games, Cornhole, Video game lounge, & even more coming soon! Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family or a memorable night out with friends, PLAYX Yankton has everything you need. Classic. Wild. Fun

Escape Rooms 

Our escape room has been booked over 4,000 times, come see why we have one of the most unique escape room experiences in the state! 

Discover clues, build, solve puzzles & riddles to progress to the next level and find the final key. Our escape room is our most booked attraction! Our new family game is set in a mystic world. Discover the mystery of the mystic manor  with this fun hands on mystery that is great for the whole family.

 $16 kids 12 under $25  Book  Now! 

THE PHOBIA PROJECT: South Dakota's Scariest Haunted House Escape Room 

Become a test subject of Dr. Dean Plooster's quest on a quest to determine the very limits of human fear. Enter several phases of fear jump scares, thrills and natural. elements and more. You will loose your sense of direction and self. If you make it out of the first three phases enter the blackout zone. This room is completely dark all you have is a glow stick to light your path to ultimately escape the room or fall subject to the Dr. Dean Plooster's inhumane experiments.  Tickets are 29.99 each and include Mini Golf!

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The Barn 

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Included in Wild Zone admission. The Barn is a small country obstacle course and play area. Is obstacle course was inspired by wood and tire obstacle courses found a lot in the late 90's and early 2000's. This course is even complete with wood chip play surface really completing that retro design, This area is included with our general floor admission that also includes our fishing pond, dino dig carnival and table games. This area is best suited for our guest 6+,

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Glow Nerf & Splatterball 

Nerf  and Splatterball are open! 

Strategize, jump, climb, crawl and avoid getting hit in our high thrill immersive nerf battle arena. Choose from a variety of games, play and rise to victory! This game features special lighting effects, fog and sound effects giving you an immersive playing experience. Our famous finale game will even end with a little pie throwing! We use non-menthol shaving cream so no our dairy sensitive players can still have a blast! (Nerf only) This attraction is best suited for players 5 and up. 


The games: 

X-out Team who captures the x on the other teams side wins! 

Flag on it!  Team who captures the most flags on the opposing side wins! 

Prisoner: If shot player must go to opposing teams prison, team with the most prisoners wins.

CrAzY PlaY: Last one standing wins!

Freeze Tag : If shot player must freeze if the whole team is frozen opposing team wins. if time runs out team with most players frozen loses. 

Pricing: $11 Per player/ Splatter ball $15 Per player 


Each session is one hour long. Each game last 25 minutes. 

Indoor Mini Golf  NOW OPEN !


This is our most affordable attraction. This course was designed with younger players in mind, that means this course is a more casual option. You should be able to achieve a hole in hole in about 60% of the holes. This is a great option to leave the kids entertained while you play an escape room, or splatterball! 

Just $8 per person. 

The Wild Zone 

Lets get WILD! The wild zone is our main floor play area it includes Our Fishing pond, 520 sqft sand pit, unlimited table games, live shows, GaGa ball, Board Games and more. The Gaming Grotto id now open for season TWO that includes over 100 videos games! 

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After booking you should automatically receive a waiver via email. If not or if you are purchasing tickets in store we will walk you through the waiver process during your safety briefing.  

"Ive had 2 birthday parties here, it was a blast!"

"Nerf wars was alot of fun, my husband and son loved it!"

"My son loved it"

"Our go to spot for a fun date night"

"I almost peed my pants in the horror game!"

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