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Our current and future offerings. 

Learn about our current offerings and future offerings at our new store on 3rd and walnut. Each attraction has an age rating, and cost. Our non ticketed attractions Discovery Zone and toddler town are walk in attractions. 

Party Straws

Escape Rooms 

 Ticketed Attraction 

What started it all. Our escape rooms take you on a journey of discovery and with options designed specifically with kids in mind its fun for the whole family. We also feature adult only 13+ rooms that are horror, mystery or adult comedy themed.


Adult Family $25 Kids $15                Adult Game (13+) $26 

 Glow Nerf  Wars

 Ticketed Attraction 

Strategize, jump, climb, crawl and avoid getting hit in our high thrill immersive nerf battle arena. Choose from a variety of games, play and rise to victory! This game features special lighting effects, fog and sound effects giving you an immersive playing experience. This attraction is best suited for players 5 and up. 

Pricing $11

Mini Golf

  Ticketed Attraction 

We are taking mini golf to new heights, join us as we open Yankton's first indoor adventure mini golf . We are developing 18 fun holes, that will provide families, couples, and more a unique mini golf experience that you'll only get once you enter the portal to odyssey golf. Here golf glows, the holes are challenging, some of the holes even float! 

Great for all ages ! 



Wild Zone 


Our entire main floor with the exception of  mini golf & smash room. Wild zone is home to the barn, dino-dig area, fishing pond. carnival styles games, a 20 seat theater for live shows & the mind lab. This area is great for kids as they go WILD. 

pricing $7

Everything above this line is included in our general admission ticket. 

Kids   $25               Adults 13+ $31


 Ticketed Attraction 

Electric guns that shoot gel filled bullets or waterballs commonly known as orbees. This attraction is one hour of intense gameplay.  Comes with 5 fills of ammunition. Ages 8+ 

Pricing  $15


Coming soon  Ticketed Attraction 

Battleball is like dogdeball but a little more intense. Black and red lighting, fog over 50 barricades, bunkers to dodge behind. Cant forget a twist on our classic finale last man standing game. 

Ages 10+ 

Pricing $11

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