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Camp PLAYX is a fun childcare alternative located conveniently in downtown Yankton. We host several mini camp sessions throughout the year and will host our full summer camp this summer Every Monday-Friday May 30th-August 7th. Camp PLAYX curriculum was designed to be engaging, fun, safe and enriching. It is the result of child care experts, entertainment industry veterans and skilled babysitters. This camp is focused on fun, rooted in care, and hyper charged by energetic camp host for a truly one of a kind youth camp.

Dynamic Pricing and availability to fit your needs.

Summer Session 

$35 Daily

$95 for  7 Days

$400 for 30 Days (plus 50 percent off a birthday party! )


What  to expect.

Escape Rooms, Nerf, Mini Golf, Science, Arts and Crafts, Career Week, Design,  Video Games, Guest speakers, Dancing, lots of games, movies, hot meals served daily! 

Themed weeks:  With 8 weeks of exploration the fun NEVER stops 


Superhero week: Explore your favorite superheroes, we’ll also discuss real-life heroes like healthcare workers, first responders, astronauts, sports figures, teachers, and more. We’ll incorporate dress-up days to pay tribute to some of our fave figures from fiction, careers, and sports.


Decade Dash: This week features an exploration of the fashion, music, historic high points, movies, and moves of the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. The last day will feature a flash FORWARD, as our campers create a whole new look and dance that they believe will mark the hottest trends in the future.


WILD week: This week is all about animals. explore native animals and enjoy guest speakers and special animal guest this week!

Lights camera interaction: We’ll explore some of the most popular movies, movie characters, and genres of the last few decades. We’ll work together to dream up our own movie concept, design a set, and film a trailer.


Cooking it up: We’ll cook up a ton of fun this week as we learn how our taste buds work with regard to sweet vs. sour vs. salty foods. The week ends with a pot luck dinner featuring a favorite dish from each of our campers.

Art week

Let's learn about art! This week will feature arts and crafts, art history, and special local artist that will teach your kids about art and lead a arts and crafts session. Make sure you wear clothes you can get messy cause we will be exploring finger paints, pottery, abstract art and so much more!


Mad science week: Campers will enjoy a series of science challenges and explore concepts in engineering, chemistry, and earth sciences. We will make slime, experiment with robotics, dry ice, construct volcanoes and so much more!


AG-cellent: Learn all about agriculture, farm animals and careers in AG. Moooove on over its time to get messy and head out to the country. Your kids will learn how to milk a cow, with hands on interactive experiments, learn basics of farming and so much more!

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